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Easy to do winter tips

Winter Tips 


                                      Defrosting Trick 

         Winter is pretty harsh for those of us living in northern states, then there are the                                              various Ice and snow storms. One day I was heading out but my garage knob                                                wouldnt turn, then my new roomie Elena says try Perfume. I tried perfume didn't                                            work but when I tried BODY SPRAY worked like a charm and I was on my way                                            to my day job.  


         I started carrying Body Spray in my purse and when my car handles are iced that                                            body spray works miracles in mere minutes. It sure beats scraping for 10 minutes.                                          the only downside is you best make sure it is a scent you like, It does wipe off                                              on your gloves

                                                                                     Keep it Easy                                                                                                                                                Yvonne D.    

           January 1, 2016 New Years Day