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Weekly Tips: Food

                                                  Weekly Tip:  Food

                                      CHRISTMAS SUMMER SAUSAGE: 

                         If your tired of summer sausage cheese and crackers from Christmas
                         already you might try. Adding it to a few dishes as a meat substitution.

                    You could add to hot dog & beans in place of Hot Dogs, ( Pictured), and/or
                    Add to your morning scramble of eggs, add to a soup mix or some pasta.
                    Cut up into smaller pieces for a taco or a nachos. Or a meaty chili.  try not
                    to let that meat go to waste after the holiday is over. 

                                                                                                      Keep it easy!
                                                                                                    Yvonne Doñate

                    Added January* 9, 2016

                                             Weekly Tip: Food

                                    STOREBOUGHT SOUP MIXES:

                        Too busy for weeknight dinners , want something quick and easy
                        which doesnt taste like a frozen dinner.  Soup packages are a must
                        in my pantry. You can dress up soup mixes adding various ingredients
                        and have a yummy meal in about 10- 30 minutes using soup mixes.

                      Here is my Ez Cheesy Fish Chowder as an example. I used a creamy potato
                      soup mix , 6 slices Swiss cheese torn up, 2 Salmon Filets cut up, and 2
                      Tablespoons of Chicken bioullion seasoning. I baked the fish for 20
                      minuts in a 400*  oven cut it up with a fork. Then added the water and
                      other ingredients to soup mix in a pot. and boiled everything in the pot                                 
                      for 10 mins as directed on the soup mix packaging & voila Dinner in 30.   

                      Soup mixes are a handy way to add some great meals in your menu
                      with less work and less time.

                                                                                        Keep it Easy!
                                                                                      Yvonne Doñate

           Added  January 9, 2016