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Tuesday Tips for the Bathroom

Weekly Tips: Bathroom

                                                        Easy Extra Towel Rod 


                Need to hang more towel rods, STOP! No need to drill holes in the wall, and
                what a pain to use a screwdriver if you don't have a drill.
                Maybe you have a big family or maybe you've got guest this weekend, and you need                                             more room for their towels and if you rent, this simple solution is your easy
                answer instead of punching more holes in the wall. UGH!!!

                Simply use another shower curtain tensioner rod to hang up those extra towells.
                No need to damage that new paint job you spent that one weekend painting. You                                                 remember that weekend, right? Ha!
                How To - is easy, simply hang a few inches above yourshower curtain, on the
                outside of it, this is so when everyone else but you takes a shower, yours wont
                get wet til you want it to.
                Got glass doors you can still do, and if doing for company, when the company is                                                   gone, take down and store your closet. or use in your closet. (lightbulb)

                Even if you dont have company, older kids and adults will love keeping their towel                                                 higher than the young ones can reach, which means no more arguments about                                                     someone using their towel, mom and dad, that means less stress.

                                                                                                      Keep it Easy!
                                                                                                    Yvonne Doñate

               Added  November 1,  2015