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            Tuesday Tip : Outdoors; ANIMAL REPELLENT

        Years ago I had this neighbor who never scooped the poop
        after their dog. Their dog of course kept pooping in my yard,
        not theirs, which sometimes resulted in my stepping in it, yuk!

        After about the Fifth time I stepped in deep sheet, haha! I
        decided to try this easy to make Repellent. And it worked.
        The dog began to avoid my yard, moving on to the next
        unlucky neighbor. So if you've got a neighbor who refuses
        to scoop poop or your own loveable mutt, who digs around
        in your garden, or rven deer who eat your prized Hostas, then
        make up a batch, It's quick easy and wont harm the animal
        or the plants.


            WHAT YOU NEED:

        A Small Paper Bag
        2 Cups Flour
        3 TBSp Cayenne Pepper Spice
        2 TB Black Pepper Spice
        2 TBsp Ground Mustard Spice

             WHAT TO DO:

       Mix all in your Paper bag then Sprinkle in the area you want
       the animal to avoid. You wont smell, but animals have stronger
       noses than us and they will.

       NOTE: When it rains you will need to re-apply. But in
       my own experience , the dog got in the habit of avoiding
       my yard, and in a few months I didn't need to keep re-applying.

                                                        Yvonne Doñate
                                                         Keep it Easy!

        Added June 5, 2016