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                          New Orleans: A City That Inspires


    The first time I traveled to New Orleans                                         was a year after Katrina. The city was                                           still in Recovery from the destruction                                           the hurricane had brought. My first trip                                         there I could really take in the                                                 archectecture and history, it was an                                             inspiring trip, creatively speaking.                                             Louisiana has always been unique in the                                         history of the US. It was a state apart                                         from other Southern States, in that not                                         only were blacks enslaved but Native                                             Americans & other Europeans. Slavery in                                         Louisiana was more about class and not so                                       much about color, this allowed certain                                           Creoles to prosper & have their own                                             plantations. What is a Creole?  A person                                         who is mixed of French, Spanish & African                                       descent. That's right Blacks could own                                           other blacks, in Louisiana. 

           Mural from Train Station

    New Orleans , is mainly a mixture of French,                                     and Spanish influences. When visiting You                                       will see many a building that resembles a                                       Paris street. In the residential areas you'll                                   find a few spanish colonials, creole cottages,                                   double gallery houses along with those Antebellum                               mansions. One Particular popularly built house                                   was the "Shotgun", when you walk in the front                                   door, you can see clear through to the back door. 


         (Shotgun and Double gallery house)                           

          The food in New Orleans  is a mix of African,                                  French,and Spanish. Red Beans & Rice, gumbo                                      and Seafood like crayfish is a staple, there                                    is a seafood shack on just about on every                                        corner especially when you get down to the                                      bayou towns outside of N.O., you are on the                                      gulf coast, after all.  For a special treat                                      while in New Orleans head down to Decatur                                        and stop By the outdoor/indoor cafe Cafe Du                                      Monde for some world famous Beignets                                           (pronounced "benyays" for the who don't speak                                    french) I think the pastry is a cross between                                    a Donut and Funnel Cake, and I love both. With                                  this recent trip, Not only did I buy the                                        beignets but I bought some of their box mix                                      to make at home. Ty, are you coming over so u                                    can get some, lol.  My advice, If u can't get                                    to NO that often, be sure to buy a $3.00                                        dollar box of mix, & cook some up for your                                      friends who'll be impressed that u learned                                      french cooking, shh, I'll keep your secret.  

     New Orleans which is a mixture of different                                      cultural influences is mixed with its people                                    too. I have ALWAYS been impressed by the                                        lack of racial distinctions, people are just                                    people, and no one gives another person a                                        second look for looking different than them.                                    The cultural differences is a celebration in                                    this city. Mardi Gras is a sample of that                                        celebration, as people of all walks and races                                    come together to celebrate. 

    Music is also special here in New Orleans,                                       jazz and the blues are the soundtrack of                                         the infamous Bourbon street, walk down                                           Bourbon even in the afternoon and you'll                                         here it coming from those houses of ill-repute,                                 as they were called in the old days. Often in                                   the French Quarter there will be a saxophonist                                   or other street musician playing on the streets,                                 especially near Cafe Du Monde. This year I came                                 across a totally unexpected surprise, while                                     strolling along the famous Riverwalk, which is                                   conveniently behind Cafe Du Monde, after sharing                                 my Beignets with the birds who stayed at my feet,                               I came across A banjo player. Well Here have a                                   listen!

(Video Link-

    I met Adam, he says he comes to N.O. during the season to share                                                               his music. Hope u enjoyed the breathtaking views of The Mighty                                                                   Mississippi. The Mississippi is the 2nd longest river in the US,                                                                       second only to the Missouri, which has it beat by only 1 mile.Going                                                               on a Cruise make New Orleans your port city, you won't be dissappointed. 

The Mississippi

     Art is another thing in abundance, There are                                    many art galleries in N.O. Alexander and Victor                                  Fine Art, On Royal for Instances has some                                        amazing paintings and Bronzes and Art Glass.                                    Looking for some affordable offbeat pieces                                      try the Artist Market on Decatur, into                                          Photography try A Gallery for Fine Photograghy                                  on Chartres street.  

     There is plenty of street art, in the form of                                    beautiful Murals, to enjoy in city as well.

    Mural behind Cafe Du Monde 

    New Orleans is definitely coming back after the                                 devastation of Katrina. My first trip here a year                               after Katrina,Cafe DuMonde had no lines to enter,                               now all I can say is be patient, it will be worth                               the wait, the take out line is shorter, and u can                               eat on the River walk like I did. Traffic is more                               of an issue too now, which tells you the city is                                 coming back to life.  And that makes me happy that                               all the history will be there for a little longer,                               which I am sure has inspired many. I am certainly                               inspired alone by the city's resilience. There was                               talk of just abandoning it,before the next big storm,                           It's below sea level,you see.It's inspiring that                                 people have fought to keep the history alive. And                               so the city lives.


  Yvonne Donate - is a wanderer, writer, dreamer,volunteer                         philanthropist- founder of Heart of Hope Information                             Registry, single mom of 3, and daughter of an Interior                           Designer, who learned a little bit of design and staging                         from mom. Yvonne is an experienced gardener who has                             actually done landscaping and somewhat handy with her                           use of Power tools and her trash to treasure projects.