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                            Vases : 5 easy & inexpensive dress it up ideas

              Spring has sprung or in some cases is springing, that means time
              to break out the flower vases for all those pretty blooms you want
              to showcase. I've come up with 5 easy and inexpensive ideas to
              dress up your old tired vases. These are ideas that recquire 2 vases.
              one larger than the other. This is so you can add water to fresh
              flowers in the smaller vase without messing up with the decor items.

              1.  STREAMER WRAP - simply tape the end of the streamer to the
              bottom of the larger vase, start twisting and pushing down lightly,
              wrapping around the inner vase. When at the end tape at the top,
              to keep in place. Streamer comes in at $1.00 or less at that.

              2. TABLE CLOTH COVER - if you've just discovered you ran out
              of tissue paper, consider using those $1.00 disposable table
              cloths. Also comes in various colors and sometimes designs.
              All you need to do is cut a small portion of it, i unfolded
              mine only once, so I would have a double layer. Then push it down
              into the larger vase with the smaller vase and trim off the excess.

             3. GIFT BAG  COVER UP - do I really need to give directions for
             this. Ha!  Place inside the large vase then place small vase inside!
             Gift bags come in various occassion themes and shopping in dollar
             markets, means you can get them for as low as $1.00.

            4. EASTER GRASS STUFFING - just because Easter is over,
            doesn't mean you can't still use those pastel colored grasses, it
            is spring after all, who says you can't use green grass all year
            round too! Bags of those Easter grasses usually come in at $.60
            and after Easter Half off, right! Stock up! Just stuff the grass
            in between the two vases.

             5. YARN WRAP - This is by the most expensive as a skein of yarn
             comes in under $5.00, however if your a crafter or know someone
             who knits, you could always ask them for their leftovers and that
             would Make this a free project. Tape the start of the yarn to to the
             bottom of the vase then wrap around the smaller vase. Tape at the
             top to help keep yarn in place. If you want a tighter look tape as you
             go along in intermittent places. Use transparent tape, so you wont
             see it.  I did mine loosely, but you can tighten yours, if you like. With
             the yarn wrap you can use one vase instead of two. I used two to
             give more dimension and visual interest.


            Hope you enjoyed these 5 low-cost easy ideas to kick it up a notch
            for those bouquets you'll be showing off.

                                                            Keep it easy and cheap!
                                                                Yvonne  Doñate

      Added  March   27,   2016  Happy Easter!