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                                                        NO-CARB/LOW CARB : Cauliflower

                        Recently there have been some new developements using Cauliflower 
                        in recipes as a  substitute for carbs in dishes. If your trying to cut some 
                        carbs in your diet, then you have to try some of these.  I found some of 
                        these tasty while others were a little lacking. The best one so far was 
                        Cauliflower "Mac", and Cheese. I will definitely make this one again. 

                                            1.    CAULIFLOWER PIZZA CRUST-  


                         Chopping the cauliflower into a meal, is pretty easy using a food 
                         chopper. Adding shredded cheese and egg keeps this "Crust" 
                         together along with pre-baking on a pan.  All in all I found this to 
                         be pretty good and worth doing again for a gourmet type pizza 
                         crust? I topped with regular pasta sauce and toppings. I let my 
                         kids have a bite, and they actually liked it. I found the crust to be 
                         somewhat crumbly though, definitely need a fork. This recipe does 
                         satisfy the craving for pizza and worth making it on occassion. 

                                             2.      CAULIFLOWER "RICE"


                          Using a food processorto chop into rice, to be honest, this was not 
                          my favorite. But we all have different taste buds and YOU might like 
                          it.  I may have over chopped my cauliflower too small, making it a  little                                                                   mushy like mashed potatoes, it was easy enough to sautee with a  little                                                                   oil and spice for 10 mins. Then simply pour your stir-fry over. You may                                                                   have better luck not over-processing yours in the food chopper  than me,                                                               which means better taste and a firmer consistency.

                                           3.    CAULIFLOWER "MAC" & CHEESE


                          This was by the far the best one yet. Simply creamy cheesy good!

                             1 Cauliflower head , chopped into florets
                             1 cup Julieenned Carrots
                             1 cup Heavy Whipping Cream
                             1/2 cup cubed cream cheese
                             2 cups Shedded Sharp Cheddar

                             1 Tablespoon Garlic Powder
                             1 Tablespoon Onion Powder

                             1-2 cups Bread crumbs


                             Pr-heat oven to 425*
                             Boil the Cauliflower florets & Carrots in water for just 5 mins.
                             Drain and set aside.  Meanwhile
                             in a sauce pan bring to a boil the whipping cream & cream cheese, 
                             making a rue. Once boiling, add the cheddar and spices.
                             Once melted put your Veggie "Pasta" in a lightly Pam sprayed pan.
                             Pour the cheese sauce over, top with bread crumbs and bake for
                             15 -20 minutes. 
                             Your "Mac" & Cheese will be bubbly hot, let sit a couple minute to avoid burns. 

             Your kids will love this cheesy dish and who knows you might never go 
             back to regular Macaroni again, especially since this satisfies and is 
             better on your waist line. This was by far the best one for my tastebuds. The texture                                              was right on tap, 30 minutes to the table and no you dont taste veggies. You'll have                                              no trouble getting kids to eat their veggies.
             Though word of advice dont tell them, Ha! 

                                                                                                                 Keep it Easy!
                                                                                                               Yvonne Doñate

            Added June  22,  2015