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                                             Valentines Light Project

           There aren't many Valentine's parties, it is
           a holiday of a more intimate nature, featuring
           romantic dinners & candlelight. If your looking                                                                                                          for a lighting display that's dim enough to give                                                                                                          romantic vibes but enough light to see what                                                                                                              your eating then try this easy little project.

           WHAT YOU NEED:

         3 Valentine Chocolate heart boxes
         String of Clear Christmas Lights
         Red glitter glue

          A pick, (Think Tools)
         1 large screwdriver.
         Small paint-brush
        Scotch Tape



         First and most importantly eat all that chocolate, just
         Kidding, set it aside, feed the kids some.
         Take the top half of the box and poke holes going around
         The heart shape using the pick. Then take the larger screwdriver 
         to make the holes bigger. Then take the glitter glue and
         spread some on the inside of the top half of the boxes.
         Using the paintbrush, spread the glitter glue all over.
         Then take out your screwdriver and poke thru any holes
         covered with glue before it sets.

         Once dried poke your lights thru the back of the heart,
         following your pre-poked holes, leaving one hole empty
         For hanging the hearts. use the tape. Do the same with the
         other hearts and lights. Then hang as a lighting display.

         BONUS: you can separate the bottom chocolate holder
         from the cardboard and paint hearts with glitter glue
         for some easy matching artwork.
       And yes all seen here was made with those chocolate                                                                                  boxes. Recycle people! 

                                                              Keep it easy!
                                                            Yvonne Doñate

         Added February 1 , 2016