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                                                  Garden Container Light

              It's not too early or too late, to make cute decorations for
              your garden. I got inspired when i spied these glass flower
              pots at the thrift store. I knew from the onset, I would make
              some sort of lighting feature.

             Remember those frosted glass vase and candleholders, pretty
             much same concept with this project:

             WHAT YOU NEED:

             Glass flower pots
             1 Can Frosted Glass Paint
             1 pack Wall Cling Stickers, your design
             4 packs Glass floral beads
             1-2 Garden lights per container.
             Utility knife


           Make sure your pots are clean and free of any
           debree.  Place your wall decals in the design you
           want.  Then Spray the Frosted Glass paint on
           let u dry then another coating until youreach the
           desired frosting level. Using the utility knife, score
           the decals for easy removal. Then assemble your
           light by adding the glass beads and top half of
           To the container.

                                  You can do several of these for a cute lighting
                                                display  in your garden.

                       NOTE: If you live in a colder climate, you'll need
                       to store these just as you would anything else in
                       the winter months, as glass can crack & break
                       in super cold temps.

                                                                                      Keep it easy!                     
                                                                                    Yvonne Doñate
         Added January 31,  2016

                                   Rustic Flower Pot Citronella Candleholder

                      It's officially Spring, and that means Summer is coming and 
                      we'll all be spending more time out-doors. One summertime 
                      problem  we all have is those Mosquitos.  My daughter, Brooke 
                      happens to be allergic to mosquitos, but sometimes spraying her 
                      down with Off, is a pain, so if she's just going outside to sit, I keep 
                      Citronella Candles handy, to repel the freaky insects. 

                      I came up with this easy project when i wanted to use a clay                                                                                     flower pot but wanted to dress it up a bit.

                        What you need: 

                        Clay Flower Pot
                        Jute, Hemp Cord, Twine or colorful cording
                        Glue Gun with Glue Sticks
                        Flower Gems, ( they look like marbles) 
                        Buttons  (Optional)
                        Citronella Candle

                         Simply use your glue gun and press some glue at your starting
                         point. Then take your Cord and start wrapping. Alternate glue then
                         wrap , glue then wrap. Etc... Until you get to your finishing point. 
                         Then using the scissors snip off at the end



                        TIP: The trick to glue gun gluing is to make your connection                                                                                     while the glue is hot, so glue  a little then press the cord on.



                    Use floral beads in the bottom to lift the bottom up to fit and arrange                                                               to keep the candle level        

                        I added buttons to mine, using hot glue as well. I found they had 
                        many decorative buttons, butterflies, airplanes, ladybugs etc...
                        and this project is pretty easy since your just gluing cord, and only                                                                           took meabout 35 minutes to complete. 

                         Other items you can add cord around are: 
                         Picture frames, lamp shades, clocks, vases, bathroom accessories.                                                                            You can definitely add a little zing to anything. 


                                                                                               Keep it Easy!
                                                                                             Yvonne Doñate

                 Added March  29,  2015 My Birthday, yeah I made it another year.