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                                            Easy Cheesy Ham Chowder

                          If you want a satisfying chowder during these chilly fall days, then
                          this soup is sure to please. Using a packet or 2 of soup mix keeps
                          this super easy.
                          I usually serve with biscuits, which compliments this chowder well.


                    2 packet of Creamy Potato Soup, I used new Idahoan
                    2 cups of cubed Ham, i use Farmland pre cut
                    1 can Sweet Corn, Drained
                    1 cup precut Carrots
                    1 - 8 oz. pack shredded Sharp Cheddar cheese
                     2 Tablespoons of Chicken Boouillion
                     8 cups Water

                     3 strips of Bacon, garnish       


                    In a soup pot,  Add water & soup as directed but also add ham,
                    corn, carrots, cheese and boullion.  While the soup is boiling
                    cook bacon and drain on paper towel.

                    TIP:This soup says its done in 5 minutes, but since you added
                          carrots you'll need to Cook for 20 minutes.

                    When the soup is done serve in bowls & garnish with bacon.
                    Serve with warm biscuits. 

                    My kids love this cheesy soup and so will yours. Originally I use
                    to make this soup from scratch. Being a working single mom, I
                    shortened it and made it easier to cook. This soup is dinner in
                    about 20 minutes.

                                                                                            Keep it Easy!
                                                                                          Yvonne Doñate

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                                            Easy soups : EZ  Chik'n'Rice Soup

                                 This soup is one of the easiest to make use Convenience foods
                                 and is ready in about 20 minutes. It's a lighter soup so it's easy
                                 on the waistline and its low cost means easy on the pocketbook/wallet
                                 I can say it fits in well with this website, and I''ve been using it for
                                 years and its a Fall/winter staple.  

            For a family of 4-5:

          1 family size box Rice-A-Roni Chicken Flavored Rice or store brand
          2 Cans Chicken Breast or 2 cups of diced chicken
          2 heaping Tablespoonsof chicken boullion granules
          1 Tablespoon Rubbed Sage                                                                                                                                         1- 1/2 cups of cut-up carrots, rinsed  (i use prepared & love those circly ones)
          10 cups Water

           No need to saute rice just use
           a boiling pan, add the Water and carrots..
           Then add the Rice including the seasoning packet, chicken,
           boullion and Sage. Bring to a boil,then lower the heat and
           for 15 minutes let simmer.

             There are many versions out there of this soup. I tweaked my version
         years ago, at a time when the last place i wanted to be was in a kitchen.
         to make a chiken & rice dish add a small box of the rice-a-roni which I did                                                              check out the pic below. The versatility of making this a soup or not, is a plus                                                          of this easy recipe. 

                                                         (The ChikNRice version)

                                                                                                          Keep it Easy!
                                                                                                       Yvonne Doñate

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