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Pop Bottle Bullet Lamps

Ever wonder what you can do with those empty
soda pop bottles. Well I have an idea for you. Make
a pair of Bullet lamps.
Here is how I did it.


2 - 2 liter soda bottles, emptied and clean
2 Lamp kits

1 Glitter Spray paint
1 Mettalic Spray paint

Utility knife
Hole Puncher

Super glue
1 Cardboard sheet

Glue gun and sticks


Using utility knife cut off the spout of the bottle and then cut
out one section of the bottle. Doing your best to keep the cut
straight. Then cut off the bottom of bottle. See pictures.
You wil be making 2 pieces total, excluding the spout and
bottom. Throw those away you won't be needing them.

Next pick a spot on the bottom base piece for a hole puncher
to pierce, this will be the top side of the lamp. Then directly
Opposite of punched out hole, you'll need to Cut out a small
square for the plug in to go through, this is important so your
base will lay flat on surfaces.

Now its time for spray painting your remaining two pieces.
I sprayed Glitter on the larger piiece, and mettallic on the
smaller piece. The glitter will recquire 2-3 coats total.

Let dry completely. Meanwhile you can assemble the lamp

Next up you'll need to make 2 inserts for your lamps,
otherwise the lamp part will sit 2 low inside the bottles.
I spray painted mine with mettalic.

Once everthing is dry, yiu can begin lamp assembly. First
take your Mettalic one and insert into the glitter half
Make sure your inserts go at least halfway down. Then
you need to insert your lamp thru the painted cardboard.

Then its time to superglue the two bottle pieces together.
Let dry then use a hot glue gun to add the ribbon to the

And voila, bullet lamps. I may have missed a few instructions,
but i took plenty of photos for you. It seems complicated.
but i would call this project moderately easy.
Later I will make a video.

                                 Keep It Easy!
                                                                                      Yvonne Doñate                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Added August  21, 2016

                                   Twig - Enhanced Picture Frames

          I know you've seen branched out picture frames. When you google "Twig
          covered picture frames".  There are plenty of images, some that are so
          ornate, their just downright creative with a capital C.
          But there is one thing you won't see a lot of is painted branch covered
          picture frames. Painting the frames and twigs/branches is so easy
          with a can of spray paint, I'm surprised more people havent done it.
          Simpply glue the twigs to the frame with Wood Glue, let dry. And voila
          In my opinion painting both the frames and branches can give a more
          elegant look.  If your decor isnt rustic but you like the idea of adding
          some texture and some outdoors in, then consider buying a couple of
          cans of spray paint. The best part is, the "free" twigs you can pick up
          from just walking around your neighborhood.

          I USED:
          Wood Glue
          1 Metallic Spray paint
          1 Glitter Spray paint

          WHAT I DID:
          First I removed the glass from the frames, we would't want to get paint
          on the glass. Then I painted the twigs with The Metallic color and I painted
          the frames with the Glitter paint.
          I let dry completely about 2 hrs. Then attached the twigs to the frame with
          woodworker's glue, and let the glue set. Then reassemble the glass to the
          frame., and place where you want with the photos you want to display. In
          a digital world a decorated picture frame displaying real photos can be a
          great accessory in your home.

                                                                      Keep It Easy!
                                                                     Yvonne Doñate

           Added  April  3,  2016

                                                            Wallpaper Mirror or not Project


                              Here is another easy DIY project. Actual physical work time
                              is about an hour. Most of its drying time. 
                              If your looking to add a splash of color to your room but dont
                              feel like painting the whole room or perhaps you rent and cant
                              paint, then here is an easy artwork project anyone can do, solution, that
                              adds color without all the work and permanency. The possibilities are endless                                                         as you can use any type of frame or a grouping of small ones ar a grouping                                                           of extra large ones. I did two different types of frames so you would have a                                                             sampling, the large one a Poster frame the other regular wooden 8x10                                                                     frame.

                                                              What you need :
                                                  Poster Frame or Picture Frame
                                                  Pre-pasted textured wallpaper
                                                  Paint color
                                                  Mirror or mirror decals


                                                            How to and what to do:
                                 Remove the frame and plastic from the poster board or if
                                 using poster frame, from picture frame remove the glass and
                                 take out the cardboard from all use to cut the wallpaper to fit.
                                 Wet the wallpaper thoroughly but not overly done, i ran my my
                                 cut pieces under very slow running water in kitchen faucet.
                                 Then affix to the cardboard that came with the frame. 

                     NOTE: be sure your affixing to the right side.

                                  Use a "can good" to roll out any bubbles

                      TIP:  Its best to cut wallpaper about an inch over from the                     
                               cardboard, then once glued on to cardboard, trim the


                                  Let dry, then once dry, trim excess and paint.
                                  Once the paint dries you can add an optional mirror or mirror
                                  decals and place back in the frames. Hang up.

                  NOTE: your wallpaper board may start to bend and lose shape a                                                                              after everythin is dry just place something heavy on top                                                                                for a day or two



                                As an added bonus I did light switch and plug in covers.
                                    Wooden ones work best, though.

                                                                                                    Keep it Easy!
                                                                                                  Yvonne Doñate

    Added November 1, 2015   



                                                     EZ Chair re-upholstery 


                     I'm pretty handy for a girl. I love easy upholstery jobs and dinner chairs are the                                                      easiest.  Instead of throwing out your chair, when it gets stained from all those kids                                                spills, just update the seat covers. 
                     Save the planet, people! I found these two chairs sitting bt the dumpster, I keep telling                                          you people, yeah, I dumpster dive. Now do you believe me? lol  I love rehabbing old                                              furnture. The sense of accomplishment from taking something in ruin, and making it                                              nice and useful again, is a great feeling.                                                                                                                                                                                                

                     1. Use the screwdriver to remove the chair seats from the chair frame.




                    TIP: sometimes you need a special screwdriver, be sure to check what type of screws                                                    are there, and plan accordingly


                    2. Because you dont want to cover the the screw holes on the seat I use the seat as                                                   a template to cut the batting first, then use the cut batting piece to cut the                                                             seating fabric. 



                    NOTE: I chose a Chocolate Brown Vinyl for my new seat covers,  for easy cleanup, vinyl                                                     just needs a wipe down

                   3.  Attach the fabric to the chair using staple gun. I put 1 staple in the center of each                                                  side First, then do the corners, then fill in between. 





                  TIP:  Hammer any staples that dont go in all the way.



                   4.  Then re-attach the seat bottoms to the frame. 


                    And voila new updated dining chairs. These are actually outdoor chairs but I think they                                         could be used in or out side. 




                                                                                                     Keep it Easy! 
                                                                                                  Yvonne Doñate

         Added  April  25,  2015