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                   Sticky Lock? Try This 5 Min. fix!


     We've all had this problem.  A sticky lock, it seems the only answer            is to Change it, right?...wrong! 

         Hold on there, you, Bob Vila wannabe's, lol. I have a solution                  that will only take a minute or two. Try it first and if it works ,              then guess you didn't need to change the lock after all. 

         If it still doesn't work, THEN , change the lock, :) 

     Graphite Lube has many purpose but you can also use it for sticky locks. 

     1. Squirt some of the powder inside the doorknob, where the key would go 

            2. Then squirt some on the Key grooves.


      3. Then insert your key in out out of the knob a couple of times 

     Here is a video demonstration to show you just how easy and timesaiving          it is, a matter of fact took Less than a minute.

                      (NOTE:) we have blooper video too, ha!)

        Give it a day or two of use with the key and the problem should                 clear up, if it didn’t clear up that day. 
        Works on any lock with a key.  

        If I, a single mom can do it, anyone can do it. It's just that                   easy! And that dear, is what this website is all about, bringing                 you easy, so you can spend time with the people you love, doing                 the things you love. 


      Added Sept. 6, 2014                              Keep it Easy!                                                                      Yvonne D.

House-Hold Hint101A

 If your like me your prolly thinking what ever can I do with that left over soap. I hate it when it is so small 

and then crumbles into about 5 pieces. What can you do, it seems like the only option is to throw them 

out. Well have no fear , stop wasting that soap or buying expensive satchels. Just do this. I have. 


Take those soap pieces, wrap them in a washcloth, then tie with a rubber band. Next time your showering it will be like using a pouffs Just wet and rub on your body except the soap is pre-added. When it no longer lathers then you'll know the soap is gone. Most people have these items on hand. Might as well get all your money out of that soap, right! 




Added July 6, 2014


Household Hint 101B

Most of Us have some leather items in our house. wether it is purses, laptop bags, etc... Sometimes buying leather cleaner/conditioner is just another expense. So the nex time your short on Funds use this old trick for freshening up and conditioning your leather items


Using Peanut, or Sunflower oils from the kitchen, in my opinion gives the leather a pleasant smell, that is not too over-welming. 

Put some cooking oil on a paper towel and wipe on your leather. then take a dry paper towel to wipe off any excess. Brings out a shine and looks good as new. 



Addd July 6, 2014