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The Lice School is Back in Session, lol!



     If you have visited here before you know I have kids that are school age. One problem every year in every school is the Problem of Lice



These little Critters Do not discriminate as a matter of fact they prefer clean strands of hair. My kids haven't had this problem in a couple of years but it is a huge inconvenience washing everything, Shampooing the furniture, and shaving the boys' head bald and combing out the girls' hair, not to mention it is emabarassing, because of the assumption, that it is about cleanliness. (((AAAHHH!!!))) I am stressed just thinking about it, Ha!

My job I believe is not only to provide you with Beauty tips, in this section, but health tips that can make life a little easier, and wouldn't it be easier to prevent the infestastion of head lice in the first place. 


So let me intoduce you to a little known preventative perhaps you didn't know about that is safe for your hair and your Child's hair. 

Have you heard of Tea Tree OIl. Apparently the debate is still out about it is a Lice Treatment, But many people are using it as a preventive




 Add 2-3 Drops to their Child's Detangler or 3-5 Drops in their Shampoo/Conditioner. (NOTE: it does have it's own smell, but it doesn't lasts long, it's not necessarily unpleasant , just distinct) I know if it's that easy to prevent head lice by adding a few drops to your hair products , why not try it. It's better than doing 10 loads of laundry this wekend and that is not such an easy feat. I really hope this helps your school year to go a little smoother and less stressful. 


NOTE: I have also heard that a few drops of Eucalyptus oil, added to a spray bottle with some water can help repel the critters off the furniture. If you have already had an outbreak try this instead of shampooing the furniture.


Keep it easy!


Added Aug 24, 2014



     Whitening your teeth doesn't have to be expensive or time consuming. 

     Mix in A cup:

    Toothpaste (Amt you normally use for brushing)

     Tsp of Hydrogen Peroxide

     TBspn of Baking Soda 



   Brush teeth Morning and Night for at least 2 mins for 2 weeks. 


    You will notice a whiter brighter smile it wont be a hollywood white but your teeth will be a few shades

     lighter and not as yellow. they will also have a shiny sheen to them. Woorks best with a whitening toothpaste.