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Rice KrispyCake

Looking for an easy cake that's a real treat, and not
Chocolate, then try this yummy white cake.


1 box white cake mix
2 cups Rice Krispy cereal, divided

1 Cup Marshmallow creme
1/2 cup powdered sugar
2 Tsp Milk
2 tsp butter, melted

1 canister white frosting


Preheat oven to *350
Prepare cake according to package directions, except add
1 cup rice krispy to batter just before pouring in pan.
Bake in oven for 35-40 minutes. Then remove from oven and
Let cool.

Meanwhile heat the marshmallow creme in microwave for 30
seconds then mix 1 cup of marshmallow creme, powdered sugar,
butter, and milk together

Put this creme on 1 half of cake and put the 2 cake halves
together. Then frost as usual and sprinkle with rice krispy cereal.

Slice and enjoy!

Keep it easy!
Yvonne M Doñate

Added August 6, 2016  

                                                Dressed up Spice Cake                                                                                              This website is all about time-saving techniques that you                                                                              can use, to help make things a little more easy for you in                                                                              the kitchen and outside of it. I enjoy baking and in the                                                                              past I did bake from scratch but as life has gotten more                                                                          busy, baking from scratch is a true luxury, being a single                                                                        mom of 3 kids is busy enough without adding work and                                                                          chaffeur to the mix. I do use store-bought mixes when                                                                            I am pressed for time and guess what? they can be                                                                                dressed up, to look like you spent more time than you                                                                            did on it. 


               Looking at the above Pic, you'd swear this was some                                                                                    fancy dessert, right? Wrong. It's simply Store-bought                                                                                    Spice cake mix, Store-bought cream cheese frosting,                                                                                  drizzled with caramel sauce (Think Ice Cream                                                                                        section), and sprinkled with Almonds. 



                 ! storebought Cake mix                                                                                                                             1 container Cream cheese frosting                                                                                                               1 can of caramel sauce                                                                                                                               1 -2 cups of slivered almonds    



               Mix and bake cake according to package.                                                                                                    Remove from oven and let cake cool                                                                                                            Spread frosting over cake, then Drizzle                                                                                                        with sauce over Then sprinkle with almonds                                                                                                  and Voila a fancy cake.


          NOTE: You can also Do this with a chocolate Cake, Chocolate                                                                      frosting Caramel sauce and Pecans for an Easy Turtle Cake or                                                                      Devils Food cake. Chocolate frosting,Hot fudge sauce, and                                                                      walnuts for an Easy Hot Fudge Cake.


             Making a kickazz cake dessert can be as easy as that, ha!



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