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                                              Dinner in a Can: Ginger Noodle Stir-Fry

                          Can goods are convenient and time saving when it comes to food preparation.                                        If your looking to save time putting food on the table then try experimenting. Here is                                          one recipe i just came up with, using convenience foods and can goods. This meal was                                   20 minutes to the table. Most Asian dishes are naturally gluten-free as well, this can easily be
                made gluten-free by using gluten free soy sauce. It can be made vegetarian by omitting                                   the meat and subbing cubed tofu if desired.                      

                           1      Pckg            Oriental Rice Noodle
                           1      6oz. Pckg    Diced Cchicken
                           1      Can             Stir-fry Vegetables
                           1/2 Can               Peas
                           1      Can             Bamboo shoots
                           1      Jar               Pad Thai Sauce

                           1      Tsp              Garlic powder
                           1      Tsp              Ginger or Chinese Seasoning (optional)
                           2    Tbsp              Soy Sauce  (optional)


                        Cook rice noodles according to pckg directions, which note is; bring
                    water and tsp oil, to boil, then remove from heat, add noodles, cover and                                                         let stand for 8 minutes.

                         Meanwhile in a fry pan or wok, heat on medium high heat chicken w/
                    oil. i used a few sprays of grapeseed oil. Then add your canned vegetables.
                    Cook a couple of minutes then add the Sauce, and seasoning
                    cook until heated thru. 

                   Your 8 minutes for the rice noodles should be up by now. Drain
                   and rinse noodle under cold water. Then add to your stir fry
                   sauce. Mix well and serve!

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               Added July  19,  2015