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                                SCRAPBOOK PAPER:  easy ideas to use it
             Scrapbook paper is around and plentiful. I have some easy ideas you
             can do to use up any you have on hand, so befor you throw that out
             consider using it for various projects. Scrapbook paper comes in a
             variety of themes & colors.


             1.  PICTURE FRAME INLAYS, liven up family photos by using them
                as the inlay, a great way to add color  and tie in pictures with your
                home's  decor. Simply use the inlay the frame came with or buy one
                as a template, cut your scrapbook paper to fit, now frame that pic!

               BTW, I used a couple of my Ancestors picture, The Lady is my great great                                                                grandmother Philadelphia, Delphia for short. and my Great Great Great                                                                  grandfather Jonathan B. Lusk,A civil war vet for the union. 


              2.  PAPER DOILIES , its simple to make these like snowflakes
                  then unfold and place on end tables. Best of all change'em up
                  when they get dirty or when you change your decor.


              3. SILVERWARE TIES  doing some entertaining, you might want
                  to add a lil' pizazz to that, dress up silverware ties by making your
                  own using scrapbook paper, simply cut in strips, and use
                  a little transparent tape,  goes perfect with those Scrapbook
                  placemats,as I did in his pic and we discussed on this post:



              4.   SHELF/DRAWER LINERS  if nothing appeals to u at the
                    store for consider using some Scrapbook paper to line your
                    silverware drawers. All I did was simply lay two sheets down,                                                                                   that's all.


               5.  NOTEBOOK BINDER COVERS personalize  your childs
                    school binder by cutting some scrapbook paper to fit and
                    inserting under the plastic. this allows for their own                                                                                                   creativity. They can draw onthe paper NOT the binder                                                                                               changing paper when necessary.


                BONUS: if your particularly crafty you can make a Notebook
                             Folders for that binder and small Gift Bags out of
                             scrapbook papers. (How-To, to come later)

                Many crafty people scrapbook. So if your into scrapbooking,                                                           
                these are some easy projects to do before you donate it to
                a thrift store.  A Theme book of scrapbook paper or Cardstock                                                                                 cost as low as $5.00. With one book you cando all of this. 

                                                                                    Keep it Easy!
                                                                                 Yvonne Doñate

                 Added February  28, 2016